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When Plumbtastic service a boiler we do it properly!

Firstly a gas safety check is carried out at the meter to ensure that there are no gas leaks within your property.

The boiler is then cleaned internally which involves cleaning the burner, flue-ways, heat exchanger and injectors. Dust, rust and carbon deposits need to be removed by brush or vacuum cleaner. The gas flame should then be blue with a sharp stable shape.

For back boilers and older open flued boilers the chimney or flue needs to be checked for blockages and integrity by using a smoke test.

For newer boilers the fan, and air tubes are also cleaned.

Four main safety checks are compulsory according to Gas Safe  standards when servicing:

1, Ventilation – making sure enough oxygen is available for the boiler to burn gas safely.

2, Gas pressure and rating – essential to be sure the appliance is burning the right amount of gas and at the right pressure.

3, Flue testing – making sure that the fumes are going where they should be outside.

4, Safety devices – if something goes wrong the appliance will shut off.

A boiler service is similar to an MOT for a car. There are a lot of safety checks. Faults are picked up which may give rise to problems later. You can then arrange to have these repaired before the boiler lets you down or becomes unsafe.

A boiler should be serviced at least once a year. The service takes 1½ hrs or 2½ hrs for back boiler and fire. If all the servicing requirements are to be met it cannot physically be done any quicker.

All the information is recorded on a servicing sheet for your records. This is your proof servicing has been carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer.






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